McNab Chemical Processing/Petrochemical Systems Overview

Sensitivity well beyond that of the human eye� 

example_glass_jars.JPG (48910 bytes)The above bottles labeled 1 NTU, 10 NTU, 100 NTU and 1,000 NTU show actual concentrations in Nephelometric Turbidity units of formazine in turbidity-free water.  As you can see, the human eye can barely see the difference between concentrations of 1 and 10 NTU.  McNab turbidity measuring devices are so sensitive they can detect the difference between these two concentrations in 1000-part increments.

example_mint_leaves.JPG (48610 bytes)The photo to the right illustrates how McNab instrumentation can measure concentration as found in an actual process situation.  The human eye is unable to detect light passing through this organic fibrous concentration.  McNab turbidimeters can not only see through it, but also quantify its concentration, thereby allowing plant personnel to have an immediate evaluation of the constituents passing through the pipe.  The example shown here has a concentration of 106,000 ppm (10.6%) by weight; by volume concentration is approximately 700,000 PPM (70%.)

Providing durable measurement for traceable quality assurance and efficient process control...

It is critical that you evaluate process changes and variations in key materials as they occur.

Haze, color and particle concentration are major considerations when it comes to your customers acceptance of your product.

It is important to minimize product rejections and still meet your customers' expectations.

McNab instruments are important to your company's operation.  They solve concentration and color problems from inspection of in-process material to final quality assurance, providing you with substantial cost savings and documentation for QA programs such as ISO 9000 and others.

McNab turbidity instrumentation provides across-the-pipe measurement without sampling, in real-time and under actual process conditions. These devices successfully perform with centrifuges, separators, filters, heat exchangers, decanters, reactors, microfiltrators, demineralizers, thickeners, scrubbers, collectors, precipitators, reverse osmosis units or particle blending techniques in both pilot and full-production plants.


A partial list of McNab Chemical/Petrochemical Applications

McNab equipment measures


  • Two Head Configuration: McNab Model HSA and KSA for color measurement and particulate count.  A special parallel flow assembly is available for parts per billion concentrations and low levels of color.
  • Four Head Configuration: McNab Models HSB and DSB for small particulate and dilute concentrations. Also measures fluorescence and can be color compensated.
  • Single Head Configuration: McNab Model HSD tank mounted unit for particulate count.
  • Laboratory Equipment: McNab Model DLB for particle counting designed to correlate to the field measurement.
  • Signals for control loops and alarm points are available.

Prerequisites for installation 

  • Vertical upflow piping configuration
  • Closed top tanks (near absence of light)
  • Bubble-free liquid (bubbles count as particulate)

Additional Reference Materials

We have posted our Optical Measurement of In-Process Fluids (Turbidity Handbook) for reference purposes.

We also encourage you to look at technical papers that have been posted on our website.

In addition we have a list of news releases that may contain pertinent information to your application.


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