McNab Chemical Processing/Petrochemical Systems Applications

Below is a list of Chemical Processing and Petrochemical applications for which McNab has provided instrumentation.  Please do not hesitate to contact McNab if your application is not listed.

Sodium silicate after tank filter; ppm filter aid in 95% HSB
Cyclohexane 5% polyethane solution HSA4
Viscous polymer filtrates HSB
Evaporator condensate line to check for carry over HSA
Brine clarity or filtration HSB
Water in liquid hydrocarbon stream HSA
Turbidity of nylon water solution HSA
Check for precipitate HSD
Suspended solids in stream from pressure leaf filter HSB
Hydrocarbon contamination in stream condensate HSA
Clarity of lube oils HSA
Monitor filtrate HSB
Monitor paint resins to screen for contaminates HSA
Detection of iron contamination in dye baths HSA
Detection of undissolved additives in motor oil HSA
Iron in steam condensate HSA
Solids content of white liquor HSA
Pulp and paper stock consistency HSA
Lime slurry concentration HSA4
Emulsified oil concentration in cooling lubricants HSA
Emulsion optical properties HSA
Catalyst concentration (slurry) HSA4
Carbon plating bath filtration systems HSB
Filtrates to deepwell HSB
Diatomaceous earth filter control HSA
Centrifuge control HSA
Phase separation HSA
Color HSA
Package Systems HSA4

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