McNab Marine Systems Overview

McNab designs and manufactures conductivity analyzers, salinity and pH indicators, brushless shaft horsepower systems, a fuel management system, and linear window wipers.

Conductivity/pH: McNab pH/Conductivity Analyzers for measuring conductivity, resistivity, and pH.

Salinity: McNab Salinity Analyzers/Salinometers provide salinity measurement for either single channel or multi-channels applications.

Shaft Horsepower/Torque Meter: McNab Shaft Horsepower/Torquemeter provide brushless readings of shaft horsepower and torque without having to modify the existing shaft.

Fuel Management System: Soaring fuel costs are becoming a terrible burden to the shipping industry. Unfortunately, you have to live with with this situation, but at least you try to make it hurt less. Why not consider turning to our Fuel Management System (FMS) for help.

Linear Window Wipers: McNab Linear Window wipers provide an alternative to circular window wipers.

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