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A01-03_modified.jpg (37068 bytes) Shaft Horsepower Meter - Cabinets
A01-04_modified.jpg (37932 bytes) Shaft Horsepower Meter - Mounted Sensors
Schenk Filter.JPG (117961 bytes) McNab Model HSB installed on a Schenk filters.  Schenk Filter Systems is the world's largest manufacturer of such equipment.
McNab SKID installed at Alaskan Breweries.  Read Yeast Pitching with Relatively High Variability in Yeast Slurry Concentration for more information.
A92-39C_installation_modified.jpg (37044 bytes) McNab Model HSA color monitoring system was installed in the effluent stream from ion exchange columns.  Read Continuous effluent analysis replaces batch testing.
product_HSB_XP.jpg (52987 bytes) McNab Model HSB-XP (Explosion Proof) prior to shipping.  Suitable for installations requiring Class 1, Groups B, C, and D.

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