McNab Model SKID Brewing Process Systems - Yeast Cropping

McNab SKID brewing process systems monitor the properties of yeast cropping to automatically control a brewing process.

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Yeast Cropping

To add precision to yeast cropping, accurate cropping of yeast from the fermenter from the fermenter cuts costs by preventing beer from being transformed to the brinks.  Measurement is typically in percent solids by volume.  Optical differentiating of yeast and beer is ten-times more accurate than weight densities of yeast and beer.


Model SKID
Pipe In: ASTM Flanges 2" to 6" 
50 mm to 150mm DIN
Pipe Out: ASTM Flanges 2" to 6" 
50 mm to 150mm DIN
Side Stream: ASTM Flanges " to 2"
25mm to 150mm DIN
Floor Area: 1m x 2m
SKID Weight: 750 pounds.
SKID Height: 2m
Factory Service: 117/230, 50 or 60 Hz
Construction Material: Wetted parts 316 (typical), epoxy coated steel.
Analyzer: Application dependant.  Typically optical cell counter.
Flow Meter: Mass flow meter, electronic type.
Sample Port: Zwickles
Totalizer: Included as necessary.
Output to factory: 4-20 mA Isolated.
Controller Included for valve or pump as appropriate.
Side Stream Supply Tank: By others with its level signal.
Matching Laboratory Unit: By McNab.
Operational Control: Typically across 10 to 1 change of concentration and/or flow.  Cascade for larger changes.
Custom Design: Developed per specification.
Service: Training and commissioning on site.
Laboratory Analysis/Work-up: Available
Specification may be changed or improved as necessary.

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