McNab Aqua Purometer Kit

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Special Features

  • Meets U.S. Public Health Department regulations
  • Has USCG approval
  • NEMA 4 available
  • OEM configured
  • Alarm light
  • Different meter ranges available
  • MTBF 120,000 hours of excellent reliability
  • Factory calibrated
  • Simulate/Operate modes


The Aqua Purometer Kit is designed to provide indication of the degree of contamination in a water system and to provide control and alarm action when the degree of contamination exceeds a pre-set limit. The typical operating range of the system is 0-500 mhos. The system has been designed to provide cell temperature compensation over the broad range of 0 to 100 degrees C. Throughout this range, cell response is corrected to 25 degrees C.

The kit physically consists of the AP-IE PCA, meter, and alarm lamp. Conservative design assumptions for both electronic and mechanical components are the rule throughout.

The kit contains some of the functional elements of cell operation, set point circuits, relay control circuits, measuring meter, and power circuits. The electronic circuits used to accomplish these functions are completely solid state and are mounted on a printed circuit board assembly. The printed circuit board assembly is mounted to the OEM cabinet. This board contains the regulated power supply, system electronics, and the interconnection terminal block.

The screw-in cell has a 3/4-inch or 1-inch NPT screw thread and mounts into a tee or tank wall fitting. All cells are factory calibrated and are purchased separately.


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Controls & Terminals

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Units of Measure GPG PPM
Range 0-10 GPG
Input Signal Balanced
Scale Semi log
PCA Mounting Dimensions H 6 " x W 7 " x D 4"
Automatic Over Range Alarm Built in
Meter/Type Analog 2
Output 0 - 1 mA, Dump contact 5 amps
Power Requirements 117 VAC @ 1 Amp
Weight 6 lbs.
Cell/Sensor Provided with quotation
Temperature:  Normal/Max. (typ) Provided with quotation
Pressure: Normal/Max. (typ) 100 psi, 150 psi
Connection Size or 1 NPT
Wetted Material Plastic FDA approved
Cable Length (typ) 6 feet
Instruction Book 530


  • Calibration cell test module
  • 0-5,000 micromhos range
  • Tank couplet adapter
  • Interconnection cable
  • Alternate meter scales
  • Bell M4B
  • Remote meter
  • Cell reception box and plug
  • Metric cell

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