McNab Model AP-IE/MC-130 Single Channel Salinometer

Fresh Water Generator Monitors on Passenger, Navy Ships, Oil rigs and production platforms

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This cell is shown above. This cell design minimizes trapped air. Thus avoiding under reading associated with competitive design. The finish on the electrode surfaces is noble metal. Cell MC-130 is supplied with a 20-foot (6 meter) cable.


  • Direct replacement into original equipment salinity cell port
  • Designed to retrofit 230 VAC, 50 HZ distillation plant equipment
  • Salinity cell compatible to metric piping
  • Meets United States Coast Guard requirements
  • 0-100 PPM of chlorides in sea salt
  • 0-200 PPM of sea salt
  • Automatic electronic meter zeroing
  • Spring loaded switch test circuit
  • Alarm level adjustment behind cabinet door
  • External meter 0-1 mA output
  • Skin tank monitoring
  • Potable water application meets US Public Health
  • High temperature water
  • Dry calibration by Cell Test Module
  • MTBF 120,000 hours
  • Stainless steel cabinet for durability
  • Quick temperature response for small plants
Model AP-IE/MC-130 is a single range salinometer indicator and controller for use on distillation plants. The Aqua Purometer is now finding wide use in international applications calling for dump valve control of a distillation plant. These instruments use proven solid state circuitry housed in a rugged cabinet to provide an economical and straightforward approach to marine potable water control.

The Aqua Purometer AP-IE / MC-130 monitor system is available in 0-10 GPG and/or 0-100 PPM of chlorides in sea salt. Temperature compensator housed internally in the salinity cell automatically corrects all meter readings. Alarm and dump functions are adjustable across the entire range of normally acceptable potable water by an internal screwdriver control. During the set point adjustment procedure, the set point is displayed on the meter permitting clear adjustment. Note that the setpoint is enclosed within the panel meeting US public health requirements.

The cabinet is made of welded construction of sturdy stainless steel. A hinged front door provides access for inspection or adjustment. Servicing is further facilitated by the use of plug-in replacements for the most-serviced components. A rubber gasket provides a water resistant seal around the cabinet door. The cabinet is designed for bulkhead or console mounting P/N 18479 (with an optional kit). The meter is a rugged, dependable type with an easily read scale.

The salinity cell is the popular finger electrodes probe with shoulder to match needs of existing European style evaporators/distillation plant fitting. The metric style cell attaches to the existing piping, its coupling nut and existing gasket.



Range Available: 0 - 100 PPM of chlorides in sea salt
0 - 200 PPM of sea salt
0 - 10 GPG
0 - 500 PPM
Controller: Internal control adjusts set point which is displayed on meter during adjustment procedure.  
Outputs: (suitable for two-wire dump valve AC line voltage energized normally open and normally closed for the solenoid dump valve.)
Non-energized normally open, and non energized normally closed.
Relay: Sealed, plug type.  Contacts rated at 5 amps (resistive).
Fail safe mode.
Remote Output: 0 -1 mA for remote meter or data logger.
Power Requirements: 120 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Mounting Style: Wall (semi-flush with optional kit); rear mounting holes.
Panel: 21 H x 18.5 W x 14.2 D cm
18.25" x 7.25" x 5.6"
Cabinet, stainless steel.
Weight: 2.75 kg (6 lbs) (panel only)
  1. Semi-flush mounting kit (P/N 18479)
  2. Cell test module (0-100 PPM) [CTR-2143-1] used for verification of correct operation.
  3. Drip shield (P/N 18241)
  4. 100 ft. cell cable (P/N 22063-1001)
  5. Cable strain relief (P/N 39131-7)
  6. Alarm bell 120 VAC 50 Hz [by others]
Cell Cable Length: 6 meters MC-130 (20 feet)
Maximum Cell Pressure: 10 bar/150 PSI
Maximum Cell Temperature: To 120C (250F)
Cell Material: Brass jacket, gold electrodes.
Diameter of Cell: Body 33 mm (1.3"), shoulder 37.5 mm (1.48")
Instruction Book: PN 530
Specification may be changed or improved as necessary.


View probe specifications for the AP-I family of McNab analyzers.

A92-05A MC-130

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