Filter Performance Monitor for Brewery Applications

A dual-scatter haze analyzer suitable for applications involving beer, wort, as well as other brightness measurement has been developed by McNab, Incorporated.  The Model DSB brewery haze meter is a true nephelometric instrument measuring the particles in the process pipe by the amount of light scattered at 90.  In addition, the DSB has a second channel operation with forward scatter optics for measurement filter aid.

There is a built in standard that can be used at any time to verify no instrument drift even when the fluid process is in operation. The operator simply presses the test button and he can validate that no drift has occurred. This is accomplished without the removal of the flow cell from the fluid stream.

McNab, Incorporated, in business for more than 80 years, designs and manufactures across-the-pipe analyzers for multi-parameter measurements.

We built our first fluid analyzer back in 1930. Today our product line has grown to include not only conductivity, and pH, but also absorption, color, infrared and scatter turbidity measurements.

Our products range in complexity from small electronics, such as industrial timers, to multi-point monitoring systems for the newest nuclear power plants.

Whether simple or complex, McNab instrumentation can be relied on to have well engineered solid-state circuitry, sound construction, reliable transducers, on-time shipments, reliable field service, reasonable prices, and the McNab commitment to quality products.

Most McNab instrumentation is manufactured to our standardized designs with pre-existing software, but we maintain the engineering capability to create innovative designs to solve our customers' special instrumentation problems.

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