In-Pipe, Non-Clogging, PPM Measurement eliminates over use of expensive ingredients

news_A92-22a_HSA.jpg (22024 bytes)Mount Vernon, New York -- The unique straight-through turbidity flow cell tube makes the McNab HSA system self-draining. Furthermore, 3A, FDA, and USDA standards are met in this HSA flow cell design. The heavy duty thick walled component make this a durable instrument system.

The Model HSA type turbidimeter measures PPM of ingredient usage and, with pipe control valves, can reduce production cost and at the same time improve product quality through automatic regulation of dosage.

New benefits of the flow tube sensor design include suitability for clean-in-place and minimum pressure drop at high velocity. These are achieved by a straight-through configuration. The earlier system has glass elements sticking out into process stream, impeding flow and causing pressure drop.

Most McNab instrumentation is manufactured to our standardized designs with preexisting software, but we maintain the engineering capability to create innovative designs to solve our customers' special instrumentation problems.

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