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cover_mint_particles.JPG (85224 bytes)McNab designs and manufactures quality control instrumentation for the chemical and petrochemical processing, food and beverage, water quality, and marine industries.

It is not only the product that we sell, but also the service and support that makes McNab stand apart. Each system that McNab's team of engineers, scientists, and executives creates is a result of extensive customer participation, as well as thorough research and development. We offer a full maintenance service contract on every system we provide. We have a laboratory on-site with modern machines for analysis and testing, as well as a DE (diatomaceous earth) pilot plant for equipment evaluation.

It is McNab's goal to provide a product custom tailored to each customer's need, as well as creating a service program that protects and enhances your investment.

McNab also services Jacoby-Tarbox turbidity equipment.


Yeast Information & Control Chart

Turbidity Handbook Download

McNab has made the Optical Measurement of In-Process Fluids, available on-line.

Application Photo Gallery...

McNab announces that a new addition to the website, a gallery of application images.  Please have a look...

Model Number Index

McNab has now posted an index of all McNab Model Numbers for your reference.

Press Releases

McNab press releases.

Technical Papers

McNab announces that the paper entitled, Application of In-Pipe Yeast Counting Analyzer in Medium to Small Breweries, is now available on-line.

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