McNab Modular Optical Cell

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A sealed optical assembly, leak tested, waterproof, operating at full pipe pressure (or vacuum) and temperature used with photometers and turbidity meters.  The modular cell allows easy installation and replacement of process wetted optics  window) as well as holding collimating and filter optics. McNab is unique with this product design.  Easy removal of this cell overcomes the practical difficulties of optics degrading over time caused by glass filming or being dirty.  The cell is used on transverse or parallel flow cells.


  • Easy inspection or replacement reduces maintenance time and total life time cost as may be required by window scaling, plating, erosion, or damaged elements.

  • Used with either absorption or scatter instrument.

  • Designed to remove optical condensation.

  • Rugged construction such that handling/shipping will not misalign optical glass mounting, thus no optical element adjustment or mounting is necessary at your facility.

  • Flexible, retrofit custom optics for improved rangeability or resolution.

  • Replacement caps for temporary plant operation without cells (available as an accessory).

  • Tested and validated for ultra-low leakage.

Cell Removal Procedure

  1. Dewater pipe flow cell.           
  2. Turn off power to panel.  
  3. Release clamp and head.         
  4. Withdraw cell and its wetted optics.
  5. Temporarily place cap over uncapped ferrule (as required).


Configuration:  Standard, extended, sanitary air purge and sanitary air vent
Weight: 2 lb/1 kg. typical
Length: 3" typical, diameter 2 1/2" overall
Material: Stainless steel 316, PVDF, Kynar, Teflon
Sugg. Max. Operating Pressure: 600 psi, 40 bar
Burst Pressure Test:  2400 psi, 160 bar
Max. Operating Temperature: 480F, 250 C
Window Material: Teflon, Borosilicate, Silica, Sapphire
Gasket Material: TFE, Ethylene Propylene, Fluoroelastomer, Butyl, Etc.
Filters: UV, VIS, NIR, Color. Various styles and types.
Air Service: 4mm, 5/32 (as required) fitting


Optical Calibration Kit, 150 psi Clamps, 300 psi Clamps, Sanitary Clamps, Standard Caps, Sanitary Caps, Window Cleaning Jets


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