McNab Model SKID Brewing Process Systems - Yeast Pitching

McNab SKID brewing process systems monitor the properties of in-line yeast pitching to automatically control a brewing process.

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Yeast Pitching

To achieve accurate pitching levels, this skid relies on continuous in-line counting of cells by an analyzer, instead of hand-performed "spin-downs."  In-pipe analysis assures pitches at target levels, for example 14 million cells/ml.


Model SKID
Pipe In: ASTM Flanges 2" to 6" 
50 mm to 150mm DIN
Pipe Out: ASTM Flanges 2" to 6" 
50 mm to 150mm DIN
Side Stream: ASTM Flanges " to 2"
25mm to 150mm DIN
Floor Area: 1m x 2m
SKID Weight: 750 pounds.
SKID Height: 2m
Factory Service: 117/230, 50 or 60 Hz
Construction Material: Wetted parts 316 (typical), epoxy coated steel.
Analyzer: Application dependant.  Typically optical cell counter.
Flow Meter: Mass flow meter, electronic type.
Sample Port: Zwickles
Totalizer: Included as necessary.
Output to factory: 4-20 mA Isolated.
Controller Included for valve or pump as appropriate.
Side Stream Supply Tank: By others with its level signal.
Matching Laboratory Unit: By McNab.
Operational Control: Typically across 10 to 1 change of concentration and/or flow.  Cascade for larger changes.
Custom Design: Developed per specification.
Service: Training and commissioning on site.
Laboratory Analysis/Work-up: Available
Specification may be changed or improved as necessary.

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