McNab Model MC-163 Salinity Cell


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General Description

The McNab MC-163 salinity cell is an in-line water quality sensor used in conjunction with Navy monitoring instruments. The TFE surfaces function to minimize galvanic voltages and action between the noble metal electrodes and non-noble metal valve/fittings and cell housing.


The MC-163 salinity cell is primarily used to monitor water quality in distiller evaporators and feed and condensate systems.


Pressure 150 psi
Temperature: Full temperature compensation to 360 degrees F
Cable: 6 ft. cable supplied with each cell
Installation: Designed to fit with 1" NPT threads
Weight (typ): 2 Lbs
System: 80 volts max
Test: Cell test module
Length: 5" overall (approx.)
Diameter: Body, 1 5/16" (approx.)
Material: Body, Brass


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