McNab Model MC-148 Salinity Cell


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General Description

The McNab MC-148 salinity cell is an in-line water quality sensor used in conjunction with McNab’s family of solid state water quality measurement and monitoring instruments. The TFE surfaces function to minimize galvanic voltages and action between the noble metal electrodes and non-noble metal valve and cell housing as required by MIL-E-164000 PARA.


The MC-148 salinity cell is primarily used to monitor water quality in distiller evaporators and feed and condensate systems.


Temperature: Full temperature compensation to 360 degrees F.
Cable: 6 ft. cable supplied with each cell.
Installation: Designed to fit with McNab's L1/L2 family valves.
Weight (typ): 2 Lbs.
System: 80 volts max.
Test: Cell test module


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