McNab Model IC/SB-7 Salinity Panel

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General Description

For McNab's salinity panel, all positions are wired for salinity channel modules and the panel has the capability for 0, 1, or 3 dump valve circuits when the appropriate modules are plugged in, as required by contract.


The primary system functions consist of alarm and dump operation. These functions are automatic and do not require operator action. Operator action includes taking actual salinity readings, checking and adjusting alarm levels, and verifying system performance. All operator controls and indicators are located on the front of the Salinity Indicator unit panel. An optional alarm bell module may be installed on the top right hand side of the panel.


Number of Channels: 7 Maximum (Basic Cabinet)
Meter Module: Off position with 7 channel selectable Switch. Numerous Range/Units
Dump Valve Outputs: Three output signals of 109 to 121 V 2 to 3 amps using ship's power. Each output is interrupted when salinity exceeds its preset limit.
Remote Alarm Outputs: Relay opening output for ship alarm Circuit and 115 V, at 0.2 amp remote bell output.
Power Required: 109 to 121 V, 2 amps at 47 to 70 Hz plus Dump Valve requirements.
Weight: 25 lbs. (Approx.)
Dimensions: H 14.5", W 12", D 5" (Withdrawal depth 11")


  1. Unless specified, parts to be considered as listed, "or equivalent." 
  2. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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