McNab Model IC/SB-1 & IC/SB-2 Salinity Sensor

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General Description 

The McNab IC/SB-1 (Brass) and IC/SB-2 (Stainless Steel) salinity sensors are inline water quality sensors used in conjunction with Navy solid-state water quality measurement and monitoring instruments. The sensors meet the pressure/temperature requirements of MIL-S-15103F.


The sensors are primarily used to continuously monitor water quality in distiller evaporators and feed and condensate systems. Other applications include inline jacket and boiler outlet water quality monitoring.


Material: IC/SB-1 (Brass), IC/SB-2 (Stainless Steel 316)
Cell Constant: Part number suffix: -None: 0.1/cm; -5: 5.0/cm; -10: 10.0/cm
Compensation: Automatic, Full temperature compensation to 250 degrees F
Cable: Per Mil-C-24643, 6 feet of cable supplied with each cell
Sensor Holder:
  • 0.1/cm and 10/cm type: Standard Navy 1-1/4” gate valve assemblies
  • 5/cm type: 1-1/2” x ½” Inlet/Outlet, Mat’l: ASTM A276 & A269 per MIL-S-15103 para
Pressure/Temperature: 250 psi to 300 degrees F (tested per MIL-S-15103F para
Weight: 3 lbs. Approximate
Dimensions: 1-3/4" x 10-1/2" (0.1/cm and 10/cm type)
Specification: MIL-S-15103F
Identification: Per Mil-S-15103F para 3.3.4
Specifications may be changed or improved as necessary.
  1. Unless specified, parts to be considered as listed, "or equivalent."
  2. Specifications may be changed or improved without notice.

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