McNab Model IC/16800 Commercial/Military Multi-Channel Monitor

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  • 16 Channel Capacity

  • Up to 3 Failsafe Dumps
  • Temperature Timer Option
  • Built-in pH Monitor Option
  • Door Loaded Modular Design


Provides assurance in the “one man engine room”.  Logic circuitry draws attention to subsequent alarm conditions as they occur.  Available with 15 minute automatic timed dumping for water temperatures below 165ºF.  Optional chemical feed pretreatment monitoring.  GPG, PPM, & EPM scales available

Feed & Condensate

Continuously monitors both salinity and boiler compound levels for maximum efficiency.  Automatic temperature compensation provides adjustment-free operation.  Reserve feed boiler monitoring through the same system or a second panel.

Jacket Cooling

Protects diesel and other closed loop cooling systems.  Continuous salinity and optional anti-growth/anti-corrosion chemical level monitoring.

Reverse Osmosis

Monitors both salinity and pH levels.  Proper chemical concentration extends membrane lifespan.  Meter scales suitable for R/O plant applications.  Automatic dump valve control prevents equipment damage.  Remote indication of all alarms.

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