McNab Model AP-IK Scatter Transmitter

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Special Features

  • Easy to read digital meter
  • Size: H 7 3/8 x W 6 1/2" x D 1
  • Choice of 6 linear ranges
  • Relay controller outputs, intervention and dump
  • Remote linear output
  • Matches military style cells
  • Easily incorporated into OEM console
  • Bright LED display MTBF in excess of over 80,000 hours
  • Test operation with Simulate mode
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The Aqua Purometer IK Digital Salinity Monitor incorporates the most recent developments in electronic technology to provide convenience, accuracy, and dependability destined to become the industry standard for dissolved solids monitoring systems.

This caseless instrument is designed to mount with four screws into the OEM enclosure. There are no loose wires to short out.

The McNab Aqua Purometer IK Digital Monitor is an advanced electronic monitoring system used to determine the concentration of dissolved solids in water. The AP-IK provides continuous on-line monitoring of solution covering the entire spectrum, from ultra-pure water (0 to 2 PPM NaCl range) to highly concentrated solutions (0 to 200,000 PPM NaCl range) with four ranges in between. Other meter scales (micromho) may be ordered to fill your requirements.

This versatility makes the AP-IK the ideal monitor for water processing equipment, effluent analysis, pharmaceutical processing, food processing, and all water purification processes, including reverse osmosis.

Dual controller circuitry and a remote output allow the AP-IK user the option of driving a great variety of peripheral indication and control equipment such as a remote meter, alarm bell, strip-chart recorder, and flow control valves. The remote output may even be used to integrate the AP-IK in an automatic chemical dosing control system of the users design.


Ranges Available 0-2, 0-20, 0-200, 0-2,000, 0-20,000, 0-200,000 PPM (NaCl); consult McNab, Inc. for other meter scaling
Operating Method Linear
Accuracy Span Better than 2% of full scale as calibrated
Accuracy Zero Automatic self-zero referencing
Controller Controller for high/low alarm action, or prior warning and final alarm action; alarm setpoints are viewed on meter during set-up procedure; controller contacts rated for A or 3A @ 120 VAC (resistive)
Remote Output Linear 0-1 mA (DC) @ < 1k.
Isolated ISO 4-20 mA DC
Calibration Fully automatic zero calibration; precise span calibration using calibration-type CTU
System Operation Check Tests AP-IK and all peripheral equipment to assure proper operation of complete system.
Cell Temperature Compensation Temperature compensated to 77F (25C) across a range of 32F (0V) to 180F (82C)
Temperature Range 32F to 149F (0C to 65C)
Power Requirements 105 to 130 VAC, 49 to 65 Hz @ <A, or 230 VAC 10%, 49 to 65 Hz @ .A, user selectable, or 24 VDC
Weight Approximately 5 lb. (panel); approximately 1-5 lb (cell)
Design Criteria Designed I.A.W. MIL-S-901 (Shock) and MIL-V-167-1 (Vibration)

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