McNab Model AP-IG Water Monitor Indicator / Controller System

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Special Features

  • NEMA 12 (Indoor)
  • 117/220VAC 48 to 68 HZ
  • Semi log presentation
  • Smoke / fire resistant CRES Enclosure
  • Mode semi log
  • Automatic self zerp
  • For either coaxial cell or balanced cell
  • Meter displayed set point
  • 0-1 mA remote output
  • Wall mounting
  • Door hinged and gasketed
  • Internal adjustable controls
  • Dual failsafe alarm contacts
  • Cell test module


The Aqua Purometer IG Water Monitor Indicator and Control System is used to monitor the purity of water by means of conductance measurements. It may be installed in water tanks or piping systems and can be used to monitor a great variety of water treatment such as distillation plants.

Meter values reflecting water purity level are continuously indicated on the panel meter. The scale on the panel meter may be changed to indicate chemical content, or other special option. An adjustable limit of allowable impurity is included in the electronic monitor circuit (alarm set point). The alarm set point is set by the operator to the desired level. If the water impurity level rises above this preset limit, the controller relay in the monitor circuit is de-energized, causing the ALARM indicator on the panel to light and/or a bell (where included) to sound, and all relay contact to switch state. A dump valve may be activated in alarm.


Units of Measure and Range 0 – 10 GPG and 0 –100 PPM of sea salt
Input Signal Salinity Cell Input Signal Temperature See Quotation
Temperature Timer Channel 2
Mounting Dimensions Enclosure 8-1/4" H x 7-1/8" W x 5-5/8" D
Outputs 0 – 1 mA semi log
Power Requirements 117/220 VAC 48 – 62 Hz
Cell/Senso/Valve See Quotation
Temperature Sensor T-6 1”NPT
Pipe Pressure Normal/Max (Typical) Normal as 180°F (see cell/valve specifications)
Pipe connection size 1” NPT, ¼” NPT (see valve specifications)
Sensor Wetted Material Approved FDA Plastic, Nobel Metal Electrodes
Cable Length Typically 6ft. (special order – greater length)
Instruction Book 512

Typical Cells & Valves

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Gate Valve Cell
Linear Cell
Linear Valve L-2
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Linear Valve L-2
Gate Valve
Ball Valve


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