Metal Particle Detection in Fluids down to 30 nanometers

McNab, Inc., using new advanced optics, offers greater detection, sensitivity, and measurement of very low levels of particles suspended in fluids.  Particles 30 nanometers and larger can be monitored by the McNab Model HSB ultra-violet scatter turbidity meter.  Where there is an on-line application of measuring fluids that may become contaminated by metal parts, the Model HSB scans the fluid and can monitor its substandard quality.  This offers streamlined monitoring, coupled with unattended operation.  This is accomplished without the delay of hours it would take with laboratory analyses.

This could be important to the petroleum industry in lubricating situations, in the food industry for product security, in beverages, again, for product security, and in microchips production for metal particle contamination of ultra-pure water.

McNab manufactures instruments to standard designs, but we maintain the engineering capability to create innovative designs to solve customers' special instrument problems.

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