Optical Ethyl Alcohol Meter for Process Control

news_A94-04_analyzer.JPG (28550 bytes)Mount Vernon, New York -- Optical Alcohol Meter -- McNab, Incorporated announces a NIR ethyl alcohol monitor and controller for process and quality control.  The McNab Model KSA uses waterproof sensors and a solid state indicator controller.  The indicator controller has two alarm points, with output relays to signal when product quality is unacceptable.  The sensors mount on the McNab Model KSA integrated flow cell system.  Materials of construction are rugged stainless steel with quartz windows.

The near infrared sensors measure alcohol directly in the process pipe.  Pipe sizes up to 8 inches can be provided.  The in-line, full-time, measuring system operates at line pressure up to 150 PSI, and does not require a by-pass line or other sampling or cooling systems.  The unit utilizes the McNab flow cell spool piece, developed over 25 years for reliable measurement of in-pipe process fluids.

The Model KSA is useful for measuring percentage levels and fluids that must have blending to meet specifications.

McNab also manufactures turbidity, color, and other optical in-line equipment.

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