Golar Management, LTD. Announces Installation of McNab MDM/ATC Salinity System

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MOUNT VERNON, NY -- Today, 13 October, 2004, Golar Management, Ltd., London and McNab of Mount Vernon, New York, announce the successful installation of the McNab MDM/ATC Salinity Indicating System Analyzer aboard their ship the LNG Hilli.  The McNab system was chosen for its history of successful operation aboard marine vessels.  The MDM will measure up to 10 channels of salinity simultaneously.  This advancement is made by the use of the Summary Alarm Concept.

The operator will read the feed and condensate salinity on the meter.  The alarm will signal high salinity and forward the alarm onto the console.  Subsequent alarms will not be masked by existing alarms. This meets the “one man engine room” requirement.  This automatic alarm update is unique to McNab.

An additional advantage is the salinity cell maintenance.  In the traditional gatevalve cell mounting, cell servicing is delayed until the pipe is at low pressure, but with the advanced L-1 instrument (hot tap) valve the cell can be removed at high pressure.  Furthermore, the valve automatically seals itself meeting the US government OSHA requirements. Both of these features are unique to McNab.

The L-1 valve and salinity cell relieve the operator from tedious and uncertain laboratory chemical checking.  As the MDM reading is instantaneous and accurate, alarms will indicate dangerous high chloride situations avoiding loss of heat transfer within the boiler.  The analyzer may also be used for distillation monitoring.

Golar Management, Ltd. owns and operates 6 LNG vessels and owns 4 new LNG vessels that are under construction, 2 to be delivered in 2003 and 2 in 2004.  Golar LNG will develop its position as the leading independent owner of ocean based LNG transportation.

McNab’s marine product line was first installed aboard ships in 1909. It specializes in measuring salinity, automatic sight glasses and shaft horsepower. McNab’s product line may be viewed at the McNab website: www.themcnab.com. For further information, contact H.A. Teass, McNab, Incorporated, Phone: 914-699-1616 Fax: 914-699-1671 Web: www.themcnab.com

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