Anton Steinecker incorporates McNab Yeast Counter in their Rodic Brewery, Novi Sad, Serbia

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MOUNT VERNON, NY -- Today, 27 October, 2004, Steinecker GMBH, Freising, Germany, and McNab, Incorporated of Mount Vernon, New York, announce the installation of the McNab HSA4 Inline Yeast Counting Analyzer in Steinecker’s RODIC brewery in Novi Sad, Serbia. This analyzer will advance yeast pitching techniques of the automatic brewery control system. It is believed that the analyzer will improve continuous blending in the yeast fermentation process. This advancement is made, in large part, by the use of the new McNab HSA4 Inline Yeast Counting Analyzer located in the yeast slurry line. The McNab HSA4 Analyzer measures the cell count to 3.E9 (billion) cells per milliliter.

The brewery operator will notice the cell count as read on the digital meter and the HSA4 Analyzer will signal the count via a 4-20mA line. One of the advantages is a low optical cell maintenance, avoiding the need for cell replacement annually. Furthermore, there is a unique self-assessment mode to notify the operator when preventative maintenance is required, thus avoiding unnecessary expenditure of time and effort, as well as preventing abnormal process interferences.

The automatic yeast counting relieves the brewery laboratory technician from tedious and uncertain laboratory hemacytometer checking. As the reading is instantaneous, adjustments to pitching can be made to overcome low cell counts. The analyzer is mounted between the yeast storage tank and the wort line. In this way the complexities of earlier optical designs have been cut in half.

Steinecker GMBH is a subsidiary of Krones Group AG, and designs and produces brewing and filter technologies for the beverage production industry. Further information on Steinecker and their product line may be found at their website:

McNab’s optical product line was first installed in breweries in 1965 measuring beer, yeast, wort; etc. McNab’s product line may be viewed at the McNab website: For further information, contact Tina Barrett, McNab, Incorporated, phone: 914-699-1616. fax: 914-699-1671. Web:,

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