McNab Optical Transmitter Conforms to Nephelometric Dairy Standards

Mt. Vernon, NY - (May 2002) -- Weldtek, Limited, of Elizabethtown, PA, a sub-contractor of United Dairy Farmers, and McNab, Incorporated announce the complete installation of the McNab model AP-VIS at the Biazzo Dairy Products plant in Ridgefield, NJ.

The in-line optical transmitter offers the unique advantage of measuring whey in nephelometric units, thus satisfying the stringent dairy regulations. The new 90-degree scatter model determines automatic, in-pipe measurement at full line pressures and temperatures, hence eliminating measurement delay and supplying true NTU (90 degree) accuracy. The plant also enjoys the added feature of an adjustable alarm relay that will activate when undesired concentration levels are reached, thereby preventing wasteful delayed diversions.

The McNab model AP-VIS is smaller than earlier models. This unit is totally self-contained in a submerge-proof enclosure. This "all in one" design eliminates the need for traditional, wall-mounted analyzers/transmitter boxes. In addition, all necessary electronics are enclosed in the sensor mounted directly on the pipe. These improvement benefits the plant by reducing box mounting costs, cable running costs, and avoiding purchasing water-proof cabinets.

McNab, Incorporated has designed and manufactured in-line instrumentation since 1909. The company installed their first inline sanitary instrument in 1965 in Belgium. With patents and trademarks dating back to 1912, the company is credited with some of the earliest patents granted for instrument design. Today, McNab's product line has grown to include particle, interface, haze, particle counting, color, and scatter turbidity measurements.

For more information, contact McNab directly at (914) 699-1616 or visit their website at and use the quick link feature to learn more about the AP-VIS.


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