Yeast Pitching SKID successfully installed in China brewery

A00-46 Photo.jpg (44754 bytes)SOEBORG, DENMARK/MOUNT VERNON, NY, USA - December 2001 - Alfa Laval/Scandi-Brew and McNab jointly submit this press release on the successful installation of the Alfa Laval Yeast Pitching Skid at the Jiamusi Brewery in China. Mr. Mark Yu of Scandi-Brew, Beijing, China, confirmed that the McNab Yeast Pitching Skid met and exceeded all expectations.

This new Skid features automatic wort aeration and total cell delivery for proper fermentation conditions. This yields much higher accuracy than is otherwise allowed through hand cell counting. In addition, the new Skid enables the brewery to predict fermentation times. Having nearly exact fermentation times yields more efficient use of the brewery's facilities.

Scandi-Brew is an established equipment supplier in the technology of fermentation, vessels and stirrers and, likewise, McNab has been a leader in optical cell counting technology to the brewing field. This joint effort will give breweries the most cost-effective cell counting method in upgrading existing plants or in original building of breweries. Scandi-Brew supplies various stainless steel vessels, configurations; and McNab supplies a variety of in-line and laboratory instruments to the brewery industry.

McNab, Incorporated has designed and manufactured instrumentation since 1909. With patents and trademarks dating back to 1912, the company is credited with some of the earliest patents granted for instrument design. In 1965, the first in-line analyzers to monitor filters were shipped to European Breweries. Today, McNab's product line has grown to include measurements of haze, yeast, and alcohol in addition to infrared and scatter turbidity measurements. For more information, contact McNab at (914) 699-1616 or via the Internet at


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