Brewery uses turbidimeter to constantly monitor beer clarity

Model HSB Turbidimeter System

McNab HSB turbidimeter (turbidity monitoring system) was installed at a brewery to control beer haze and continuously monitor clarity.



To assure consistent product quality, a leading European brewery needed more than visual inspection to control beer haze.


A high-sensitivity turbidity monitoring system was installed to continuously monitor clarity and to alert plant personnel when turbidity exceeded established standards. 

The brewery installed a McNab Model HSB turbidimeter system in the beer line right after the filter press and before the beer enters the single tanks. 

The system consists of an indicator/control cabinet electronically connected to a flow cell with four mounted waterproof housings.

One housing contains the light source. Two housings are mounted at 90° angles from the light source: one holding the measuring detector and the other containing a test lamp and light trap.

The fourth housing. mounted directly opposite the light source serves as a reference detector and is used to measure transmitted light so as to provide a ratio to compensate for variations in color bulb deterioration and/or the fouling of optical surfaces.

Light striking a particle is reflected at various angles from the light beam. The Model HSB continuously gauges solids content by measuring the light scattered off of particles at a 90° angle from the direct light beam.

Signals are sent from the detector to the indicator/control cabinet, where they are converted to turbidity measuring units and digitally displayed.  Also contained in the cabinet is a relay that sounds an alarm and turns on a red light when turbidity levels fall out of the acceptable range. and a continuous datalogger to provide a record of product clarity. 

When the alarm sounds, plant personnel investigate the problem and advise the brewmaster.  The brewmaster speaks quite highly about the turbidimeter monitoring system, saying “It takes the guesswork out of haze control. it keeps our personnel on their toes and it lets us put out a consistent product." 

The Model HSB turbidity indicator/controller is now used by breweries throughout Europe, North America and South America to monitor and control haze. 

The Model HSB and other McNab turbidity monitoring instrumentation are also used throughout the food and chemical processing industries because of the instruments' accuracy and simplicity. says the company.

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